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Every Fermenters Nightmare – Things that go POP in the Night

Listen in to how the conversation would go if a bunch of fermenting folk got together. We are a funny old bunch of people us fermenters. Definitely extremely Cultured and some of us a tad aged. We can be likened to witches as we diligently watch over our frothy, bubbling charges. Perhaps like proud Moms as we oooh and ahhh over our growing scoby! Or maybe just plain weird. (more…)

admin Feb 2, 2017

Sweet Potato Muffins

No Flour, no sugar and no milk makes this recipe a winner! I learnt a very valuable lesson when making these for the first time. Never bake when you are in a rush, it is a recipe (haha) for a disaster. (more…)

admin Feb 1, 2017

It’s all About The Fizz – Probiotic Sodas

I feel as if I have a baby or actually a few. My scoby (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is growing at an alarming rate. In fact I have nightmares that when I wake in the morning, it will have grown to such an extent that it will resemble something from a horror movie. ‘The Revenge of the Scoby’. (more…)

admin Jan 26, 2017

Cauliflower Toasties

The ultimate substitute for bread and the best reach for when you have a…

admin Jan 25, 2017

Healthy Eating from Your Garden

We should all know what we are eating, how it was produced and what…

admin Jan 11, 2017

My Cultured Kitchen is Fermenting

  I will be back in January with my foray into making Cheese, this…

admin Dec 29, 2016

Super Foods to Fight Depression and Boost your Energy

Food can serve as a natural mood enhancer and supercharge your strength. It can…

admin Nov 24, 2016

Optimise your Health and Wellbeing with Foods that affect your Mood

Food and exercise can be your best medicine or enemy. Learn how to eat…

admin Nov 24, 2016

Gut Health and Chronic Stress

Gut health is paramount to our overall mental and physical health. Stress can cause…

admin Oct 29, 2016

Alkaline Eating Plan to Optimize your Health

Most diseases, such as cancer, thrive in an acidic body. It is imperative to…

admin Oct 29, 2016

Healthy Eating Plan

All diets, as far as I am concerned are fads and bad for you….

admin Oct 29, 2016

HIT Workout to be healthSMART...ish.

Time constraints? No problem! How to achieve fitness and strength in quick 20 minute…

admin Oct 10, 2016