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My Cultured Kitchen foods and beverages are wild ferments which means that they rely on the environment around them to naturally ferment using starter cultures. They contain beneficial bacteria and yeasts, are rich in probiotics to boost gut health and mood. These are very powerful little critters and sometimes you may feel some strange goings on in your gut. So If you have never consumed cultured and fermented foods and drinks, it is advisable to start with small quantities and slowly increase over time. This is especially applicable to fermented veggies and drinks. Do not start on Cultured and Fermented Foods and Drinks if you are immunosurppressed, suffer from histamine intolerances and are pregnant or breast feeding.

Cultured and Fermented foods complement and enhance a healthy eating plan and lifestyle.

As these foods are made in the traditional fermenting manner, they can be a bit unpredictable, hence the reason that they will not always be available and sometimes may take longer to ferment than planned. Taste and appearance may differ.

Place your orders well in advance and hopefully the bacteria will play along.

Please return all of your bottles and jars for recycling and receive a discount on your next purchase.

All orders can be collected from Our Secret Garden. Delivery by prior arrangement.